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Food lies at the heart of who we are as a neighbourhood.

More than 22.5% of the area of our shopping centre is dedicated to food and food-related products (excluding grocers). This is more than double that of most regional shopping centres.

Our two successful food markets – the V&A Food Market and the Oranjezicht City Farm market (OZCF) – together are home to 150+ successful small food operators.

Makers Landing at the Cruise Terminal is home to a Kitchen Incubator, where industry comes together with innovators to foster new businesses. It is also home to a shared industrial kitchen space, where innovators can test products on scale without the crippling overheads of conventional commercial kitchens. Our aim with Makers Landing is to support entrepreneurs and SMMEs and make a real difference, one plate at a time.

Maker's Landing building

Collectively creating an inspiring example of a just, sustainable food system that supports health and wellbeing.

That’s why our food cluster collaborates with government, civil society, academia and the private sector to effect system change, engaging with the whole value chain around the Waterfront’s food outlets, including procurement, waste management and food security.


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