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In equations, you are asked to solve for X. But in life, it isn’t as easy as a simple sum. Sometimes, a problem seems too vast. At SOLVE, we make it our mission to solve for X, where X is more than a number.

At SOLVE, that X stands for extraordinary thinking and exceptional action that empowers better futures for all. It stands for experimentation, drawing together the experiences and expertise of different walks of life and different passion-drivers to imagine and inspire innovation. And it stands for expansion, evolving far above and beyond what we think is possible, toward the inclusive and sustainable world we’ve been told is impossible.

That is what solving for X looks like in our waterfront neighbourhood, where we’re bursting with a passion for the solutions that will shape tomorrow. That’s what it looks like to solve towards the extraordinary.

We see solutions as the bridge connecting the world that is with the world that can be. The power to build that bridge is within our hands. That power is strengthened as we join forces (arm in arm with communities, corporates and cities alike) to find solutions that are life-growing and life-sustaining.

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Our clusters

These clusters work together to problem-solve, prototype and generate thought leadership and research.
We hope that SOLVE’s achievements will inspire others to join us in collaboration, or in their own work.


Latest articles


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Upcoming Events

SOLVE is about collaboration: the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. If you’re interested in participating in and contributing to any of these events, we’d be pleased to welcome or connect with you.

Together, we can solve towards extraordinary.